“Every choice is a loss”

I was going through some bookmarks that I haven’t looked at in a while, and came across a poem called The Cello by Ruth Padel. It’s an amazing poem as a whole, but these lines were the reason why I bookmarked it:

Every choice is a loss. The past is not where you left it. That corridor you didn’t follow, the gate to unknown woods, shadow grin of a winding stair, the door you never found time to open—they whirl within, cracking the floor.

Every choice is a loss is such a simple yet such a profoundly true idea. Every decision we make means that there are decisions we didn’t make…and sometimes the decisions we make can’t be unmade, and decisions we didn’t make don’t always stick around and allow us to have a second chance.

Every choice is truly a loss…but there’s something empowering about that.