Winged creatures

I like taking pictures of birds.

To catch a bird of prey, I like to go out early in the morning and drive along the back roads and photograph them as they’re hunting prairie dogs and field mice. One morning, I got this shot…


Not the best photo ever, I just love that I caught him as he was taking off and screeching at something.

But I catch other birds as well…

dsc_0109 dsc_0125 dsc_0187 dsc_0289 dsc_0314 dsc_0361

All photos were taken around the Denver area, except that last little guy, who is from South Carolina.

I haven’t done as much photography this year as I’d like due to my autoimmune issues – I simply can’t be outside too long when it’s really hot. I like birds in particular because a certain amount of patience and stillness is needed. Patience I can do, but stillness is more of a challenge. It requires relaxing, and I’m a person who tends to tense up easily.

But it’s fall now, so I’m hoping to get outdoors a bit over the next few weeks before it gets too damn cold. Catch some birds, catch some leaves, catch whatever else I happen to observe.



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