It’s finally feeling like fall. Some early leaves are dropping. The air is chilly, the rain is cool, I wake up at night shivering. The other day, there was a smokiness to the air. This is my favorite season, but it’s all too brief.  

Winter is a wasteland. It’s cold, and I don’t particularly enjoy the religiosity or consumernalia of it.

By spring I’m restless from long months of cold and just crave heat.I don’t enjoy it, per se, it just represents freedom from the restrictions of winter.

I always want to hit the pause button on fall. 

Two days a week this fall, I start my days later than usual. I have classes in the evenings, at the same university I work for, so I’ll get to do mornings for a while. Time in the morning is a new concept. I usually just rush in and start my day.

Cooler weather also means a break from heat-induced fatigue. I already feel it less. Though I’m sure it will soon be replaced by intellectual fatigue, as I start PhD level courses. Which lead to comps, which will also happen in the fall, three years from now. 

Fall just always seems so important. So essential.


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